Flatuicolorpicker Project

How to use

The flat ui color picker tool is a tool for designer, (check vacancies) developer and every creative person who really want to have a quick access to the colors codes provided by Flat Design.

Color Models

In this project, there are some basic categories of colors (color name) like red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and grey. In these basic color categories there are include some colors. You can navigate inside the website and get inspired by choosing colors from the available color models. You can do that by using the selection in the header of the top-right bar (navigation menu). Each category of color has it’s own color model like CMYK, HEX, HSL, HSLA, HSV, RGB, and RGBA. After a lot of inducements I include the option to copy and paste each color. In other words feel free and use them.

Flat Color Picker Tool : Use The Color Models

Click on the color box and respective color code, will be automatically copy to your clipboard. Shortcuts from your computer are available to paste the color code to your board.

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