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About flatuicolorpicker

I am fun of colors and flatuicolorpicker is just a simple idea that comes true from my inspiration. This project was created in just a few days, and is already active for several years now since then flat color picker has had a new release. Check vacancies in design

The history of flat design

Flat design was one of the best design trends as a minimalist User Interface (UI) design.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Edgar Degas

Today, the term “flat design” is applied to graphics for numerous tasks and purposes which have mutual stylistic features. This design trend is the direction that found its diverse and broad expression on digital art and is famous for minimalistic and synoptical use of visual passionate means.

More than a tool

From the first moment of the creation of flatuicolorpicker, a lot of designers and developers found this tool quite useful this tool which came from a creative idea. Day per day, I received a lot of encouraging comments with some remarks. In addition, I include some other color models like RGB, RGBA, and CMYK. These color models were the first priority of feedback. Another important option is to copy-paste the color, where users can paste the color into their work dashboard.  All these features are included in the new release of the flatuicolorpicker.

Release flatuicolorpicker 2.0

After a long time, I decided to redesign it. The determining role was all the important feedback from the users which I received. Summary, release version flat color picker :

  • The colors categorized based on the type and color models.

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